A list of recent and past publications and thesis. [Google Scholar Profile]


  • S. Agarwal, K.S. Parunandi, S. Chakravorty, “Robust Pose-Graph SLAM using Absolute Orientation Sensing“, accepted IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2019
  • A. Agha-mohammadi, S. Agarwal, S. Kim, S. Chakravorty and N. M. Amato, “SLAP: Simultaneous Localization and Planning Under Uncertainty via Dynamic Replanning in Belief Space,” in IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 34, no. 5, pp. 1195-1214, Oct. 2018 [ieeexplore]
  • A. Agha-mohammadi, Saurav Agarwal, Suman Chakravorty, ” Periodc-node Sampling-Based Framework for Stochastic Motion Control of Small Aerial Vehicles,” ASME J. Dyn. Sys., Meas., Control 137(3), 031005 (Oct 21, 2014). [ASME-Journal]
  • S Agarwal and H B Hablani., “Automatic Aircraft Landing over Parabolic Trajectory using Precise GPS Measurements,” IJCA Proceedings on International Conference and workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology (ICWET) (7):38-45, 2011 (IJCA2011)


  • Saurav Agarwal, Vikram Shree and Suman Chakravorty, “RFM-SLAM: Exploiting Relative Feature Measurements to Separate Orientation and Position Estimation in SLAM“, In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Singapore, May 29 – June 13, 2017 [pdfarXiv:1609.05235]
  • Saurav Agarwal, Amirhossein Tamjidi and Suman Chakravorty, “Motion Planning for Active Data Association and Localization in Non-Gaussian Belief Spaces“, International Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics (WAFR) 2016, San Francisco, USA (M3P-WAFR2016arXiv, video)
  • A. Agha-mohammadi, Saurav Agarwal, Aditya Mahadevan, Suman Chakravorty, Daniel Tomkins, Jory Denny, Nancy Amato, “Robust Online Belief Space Planning in Changing Environments: Application to Physical Mobile Robots,” In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Autom. (ICRA), Hong Kong, China, May 2014. [ICRA-2014-pdf]
  • Kumar A., Agarwal S., Unhelkar V.V., Sharma A., & Hablani H.B., “A Study of GPS-INS Integration for Improved Autonomous Navigation of Aircrafts,” in Proceedings of International Conference on Navigation and Communication (NavCom – 2012), Hyderabad, India, December 2012 (NavCom_12)
  • Agarwal, S. & Hablani, H.B., “Precise Positioning Using GPS for CAT-III Aircraft Operations Using Smoothed Pseudorange Measurements,” International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology, February 25-26, 2011, Mumbai, India (ICWET2010)


  • Monocular Vision Based Indoor Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for Quadrotor Platform, M.Sc Thesis, Cranfield University, UK. Download pdf -> Msc-Thesis
  • Micro Aerial Vehicle Simulation in Scilab for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing, B.Tech Thesis, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Download pdf -> B.Tech-Report-Part-I B.Tech-Report-Part-II

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