How do I get advice from Saurav?

Saurav works with a small select group of founders that fit certain criteria.

To have an initial 30-minute call, book a free session with Saurav by clicking this link 👉 click here to book a free strategy session

In this call, we will dig into what stage your company is currently in, your top chokepoints, and what are the key 3-5 areas to focus on to unlock your business’s true potential.

What topics does Saurav advise on?

Starting a new tech company

Starting a business as an immigrant

Angel capital fundraising

Venture capital fundraising

Product Strategy (Idea, Prototype, MVP, Launch, Initial Traction)

Career Coaching

Go To Market Strategy Planning and Execution

Job Interview Coaching (I’ve interviewed over 200 executives, engineers, and managers for every business function from sales and marketing to software development)

How do I get a job at SIERA.AI?

SIERA.AI is hiring heavily in software development roles both full-time and internships. Please head on over to the careers page here. SIERA.AI is very interested in people who have solid Web MERN Stack/Computer Vision/Embedded Software/AWS/ML/AI experience. Please do not contact Saurav directly for job openings as it will take a long time for him to get back to you. Applying through the website is the fastest way as that puts you into the applicant tracking system which speeds things up.