How to build a startup?

Pyramid of Persistence

To build a startup is hard, but some things are not as hard as you might think.

What I’ve learned in my 5 years of building a B2B VC-backed hardware+software AI startup is that when you focus on the fundamentals (product-market fit, strong team, profitability) you can start anywhere and still build a valuable business.

Just look at Slack, it started as a virtual reality game and morphed into a business communications tool.

There is however ONE thing that you absolutely must have to succeed as a founder..


In less than 5 minutes, this post will teach you:

1. The only 3 things that you need to build any business

2. My system for building persistence within myself, that you can use for free

Let’s go 🚀


You only need these 3 things to build a startup

1. A commitment to keep things simple and iterate with data: I had a tendency to get stuck in my own complex thought exercises while building Siera. Looking back I realize that it was only when I was able to boil ideas down to their very simple core. It really helps guide your team, sell to customers, and raise capital. Use your intuition, guide it with data, keep it simple stupid (KISS).

2. Truckloads of persistence: Persistence beats resistance. Persistence to get back up when investors say no, to fight on when a major customer quits, to throw away your entire product and rebuild it from scratch.

3. Good people: Surround yourself with friends and family who cheer for you, team members who will stick with you through bad times and investors who believe in you.


The Pyramid of Persistence

Without PERSISTENCE you cannot succeed in any life endeavor. I will show you how to turn persistence into a system in 4 steps.

I created this system to overcome my own challenges in running my life & business.

It took 6 months to refine, now it works like a charm.

You can learn it here for free. It’s SIMPLE… but don’t be fooled, sometimes its the simple things that are hard to do.

Pyramid of Persistence

You start with your health. Just 30-60 minutes of exercise a day. Do not skip this. Don’t start your day without it.

Got that going? Start building positive relations with your people. Learn from the Gottman Institute on how to avoid the four horsemen of the relationship apocalypse and study negotiation from Never Split the Difference (by Chris Voss).

Okay so now you have your health and strong relationships. Let’s find your purpose. It’s okay if this step takes time, once you’re healthy and surrounded by healthy relationships, you can overcome anything.

Once you find your purpose, your mission, then go about the task of creating wealth.

You can do this.

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