How to Differentiate Your AI Startup From the Competition

how to differentiate your AI product

100s of new AI startups are being launched every week

But most of them are *Me Too* ideas doing the exact same thing…

Here’s a list of the top AI startups funded in 2023. There are many more that are bootstrapped or just not in the news yet.

Here are 6-steps founders can take to stand out from the competition:

1/ Make a list of all the AI tools launched in the last 12 months (check aitoolsdirectory[dot]com)

2/ Make an excel sheet with the following columns: Company Name, Problem Solved, Geography, Market Segment, Price Point

3/ Populate this excel with your market research

4/ Now find the problems that are *not* being solved. Market segments that are not being served. Or price points that are not being met.

5/ Interview ~100 customers in the gap area to understand the market gap.

6/ Go build.

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