2x Your LinkedIn Lead Generation

linkedin lead generation

3 Powerful Secrets of LinkedIn Sales

3 powerful LinkedIn lead generation secrets that successful B2B founders have taught me over the years.

Linked Lead Gen Secret #1: Use the LinkedIn search tool to find your ICP

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) parameters directly map to LinkedIn search parameters
    • Job title/keywords
    • Company name/headcount
    • Geography
    • Language etc.
  • Use the LinkedIn search tool to hunt down 10-15 leads in your ICP everyday
  • Track their career journey and keep up to date on their job changes
  • Look at your ICP’s networks to find more ICP profiles

LinkedIn Lead Gen Secret #2: Connection requests with notes work better than cold DMs

  • We all get 10s of annoying cold DMs on LinkedIn with some new sales pitch but how many do we respond to? ZERO
  • Instead, after you find your ICP, send them a connection request with a short note like a real human being
    • My connection note: “Hey X – I’m a 2x founder. Previously built a VC-backed AI & Robotics business. I write about building high-growth AI startups. Would love to stay connected via LinkedIn.”
    • It’s short, warm, non-spammy, and not trying to sell anything
  • Once the person accepts, start a conversation by sharing a link to your lead magnet.
    • The lead magnet is a tool to help your ICP in their current job, not a sales pitch for your product!

LinkedIn Lead Gen Secret #3: High-quality content and engagement will generate the best leads

  • Comment on the content posted by your ICP and influencers in your industry
    • I’ve set aside 15 minutes daily to do this which is more than sufficient
  • Post educational content 3-5 times a week to generate leads
    • If you want to learn how to write great LinkedIn content, copy Justin Welsh‘s style
    • Make sure you respond to every comment you receive on your content
    • Track which content gets the most leads, then double down
  • Include links to free resources in your posts (click here for example):
    • Cheatsheets/checklists
    • Free calculators/tools for X
    • Strategy guides

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