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The Best Way to Convert Latex Math Equations into Word Equations

Sometimes you just have to face the absolute horror of having to convert your beautiful latex documents into word. As an engineer your biggest worry is, oh crap, will my equations come out right!? Fear not, we have a solution, it is based on a post I found here by a user named Devid (many thanks Devid!). The best part is that this solution should work with word on mac or windows. I am using office 365 for mac from my school and this works perfectly for me.

  1. Download the following html file.
  2. Open this file with a text editor, in this file you will find a latex math expression between $$ symbols, e.g., $$ x_{k} $$.
  3. Replace the existing math expression with your own latex math expression.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Open this html file with chrome.
  6. You will see your math expression. Now right click on this expression, “Show math as”-> “MathML code”.
  7. A new tab or window should pop up with a funky looking xml type code. This is the mathjax source code.
  8. Copy this code.
  9. Now open word and in the top bar click insert.
  10. On the top right you will have the Equation button. Click it.
  11. This inserts a blank equation into your document. Click on the equation.
  12. We need to paste special inside the equation as “Unformatted Unicode Text” or “Unformatted Text” for mac. To do this on mac I press control+command+v, on windows I believe it is control+alt+v (please check). The paste special menu shows up, select the “Unformatted Unicode Text” or “Unformatted Text” option.
  13. Press enter.
  14. Voila! your equation should show up.

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